The Construction Industry and Scaffolding – Sharing a Unique Relation

With the world constantly developing and growing over time, the construction industry is undergoing a period of stability. The contractors or construction agencies often handle several projects and even work on different assignments at the same time. Therefore, it’s very essential to choose a trustworthy company that can meet your construction needs on time. For any kind of building or construction repair job, whether it’s a domestic or commercial set up, use of some special tools is a must. One of the most popular of such equipment is scaffolding. Among all kinds of scaffoldings available in the market, mobile scaffolding is possibly the most widely used variety.Scaffolds are a crucial part of home and construction renovation technique. This is also a vital process adopted in various business operations. Over time, it assumed several new methods and the construction industry went through incredible developments. For aerial construction jobs, aluminum gibbet is a new type of work platform. The most common fields where they’re used are power generation, mining, civil aviation, home cleaning, ship manufacturing and decoration industry. These tools are efficient as well as convenient. For those in search of construction repair and property cleaning jobs, scaffolding services are a must. Following are a few common benefits of appointing these services.Cost EffectivenessAppointing a gibbet service doesn’t generally cost you much; at least, it’s less than what you would spend on buying the equipment. This way, you can save a lot of money and spend it on other aspects of the assignment. Hence, this is an economical or budget-friendly option for you.Safety and Variety of ToolsThese scaffolding services offer a variety of access gadgets like gibbet towers, podium steps and razor decks. A good service provider has all these tools in various amounts and sizes to serve different renovation and construction needs. If your construction project involves erecting a huge wall using blocks, these scaffolding hire services will prove beneficial for you. These days, the gibbet towers are mobile and you can move it from one place to another.ConvenienceEven though scaffolding equipment installation is not a difficult job, it’s better to leave the job in the hands of trained professionals. That way, you get the desired results, without undergoing the hassle of reading the manuals and installing the equipment yourself. This is highly beneficial in commercial projects, which include different types of construction jobs. The workers or laborers can concentrate on their work without worrying about the installation part.

Organising Home Education Association (HEA) Events

There is much to consider when organising an event for a community of home educating families – too much to document in just one article! That said, this article will present a basic time line for organising an event that is registered and insured with Home Education Australia (HEA).It Starts with a NeedMost home education events start with a need. That need is usually felt by the home educator organising the event or another family known to them. From there, the organiser needs to determine two major resource needs for the event – the venue and any specialists that are needed to run the event. Booking a venue also places them in a situation where a time, or potential times will need to be tentatively booked.The Nitty-gritty StuffThe next phase is publicity. But wait! What about the nitty gritty stuff? Yes, before sending emails to every relevant home education mailing list someone will need to sit down and work out the nitty gritty details. This may include floating the concept on the list to get a feel for demand if there are minimum numbers for a booking. It will then involve establishing the date and time of the event, confirming a venue, securing specialists and registering the event with Home Education Australia.Registering your Event with Home Education AustraliaHome Education Australia (HEA) have a web page with all the specific details of registering an event so that you are insured. In a nutshell, there are three main considerations worth highlighting from the information provided by the association.Firstly, you will want to register the event as soon as practicable so that insurance can be arranged. This allows sufficient time for a committee member to notify the insurer with enough time for them to get back to you if they require further information or cannot cover aspects of the event. It is also a requirement that you specifically include information that it is a ‘HEA event’ on all publicity materials.You will also need to factor in an additional charge of 20% added to the cost for non-members of HEA, who do not elect to become members before attending the event, when determining pricing. This is a way to encourage families to join the HEA and create a fair funding arrangement for not just the work that is undertaken member or members organising the event but also those by the HEA committee and other members who arrange broader publicity and also liaise with policy makers within government agencies in respect to the specific needs of home education families amongst other administrative tasks.The third thing to note is that HEA is a not-for-profit association and there is to be no profit derived for any home educator personally as a direct result of organising a HEA event. Within reason organisers can be provided with reasonable allowances for travel, phone calls, personal attendance of the event and like costs. Any proceeds from the event, including any HEA registration fees should be returned to the Home Education Association either directly through direct deposit or by applying the proceeds to funding a future HEA event.Of course, there is a lot more information for you to consider for your event registration. So, please, check out the full details on the HEA web site.Publicise, publicise, publicise!Once you have registered your event and you are up to speed on all HEA requirements it is time to get your event known to the home education community. This can be done in a variety of manners including home education mailing lists and newsletters, local newspapers and shop poster displays for those amenable to the home education community. Be sure to also ask others to share it with the home educators they know as often there are overlaps in home education circles and word of mouth can be vital to getting your event information out there! Anther thing to remember is to send out reminders as the event draws closer too.Getting OrganisedIn the couple of weeks before the event you will need to brief any other organisers as well as any specialists on what the agenda is for the event, you will also need to put a call out for volunteers if your require them and brief them also. You will then need to undertake any pre-event administrative tasks. This will take some thought as to how you expect the event to proceed and you may wish to take sometime to time line all activities that need to be taken from the start of set up until everything is packed away and ensure that enough time has been allowed for the event.The Event ItselfIf you have done a lot of the hard work beforehand this should be the easy part! It will simply mean co-ordinating the setup for the event, enjoying the event with a little troubleshooting where necessary, packing up at the conclusion and maybe having some wind-down time with other organisers and volunteers at the conclusion. Then you can take a few days to rest but it’s not over yet!Post-event TasksAfter you have run your HEA event you will need to return copies of the HEA registration forms, event attendance forms and any other documentation to the HEA for their records. Any funds collected will also need to be banked or recorded for the HEA as a contribution towards a future event. Consideration should also be given to posting out thank you letters or cards to those contributing to the event as well as following up on any attendees who wished to get connected to other members or home education groups.What next?Once all the follow-up tasks are done and dusted then it is time to make a choice – put your feet up and relax (well, not really because home educators are always on the go) or organise another event. The choice is up to you!

Q/A With Outstanding Teacher – Meet India’s Educational Innovator Par Excellence

Our quest for outstanding educators continues, and this time we are lucky to have India’s Most Outstanding Teacher awardee: Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, an educational innovator par excellence. Join me in welcoming him and learn a thing or two from his wisdom shared with us through this Q/A:LIN: As one of the pillars in Indian Education, what made you decide focusing your time, skills and the like on education, technology, teacher training, among others?I wanted to stimulate the future generation to become life long learners, I have values which I feel I should contribute to the society – that, what I have learnt and experienced over the years. By doing this I will be paying back and fulfill my desire to make difference to the future generation. I believe education is an empowering process that allows students to develop holistically. Moreover the satisfaction I get by investing my time in my passion is far better than or would reward me more than anything else would.Thus I chose to go in for teacher training among any other profession. I believe in sharing my knowledge to others for the sake of learning to learn. My objective of life is “The more we learn, the more we earn, in terms of honour, respect and recognition.”LIN: What, to you, is the 21st century teacher? learner?I believe in the fact that the 21st century teacher is a teacher who is prepared to Learn, Un-Learn and Re-Learn. The one who uses technology and its power to empower self and others through experiential learning. A new learning has emerged with technology. The shift is from education to learning. Secondly it is consumption of learning to participation and thirdly thinking. In today’s world students have a rich learning environment. The teacher for them is a facilitator, a coach, a mentor and a mediator.LIN: Elaborate on the essence of education toward achieving excellence in life, career, success, etc. of individuals? How about the fate of a nation or world in continuous changes in economy, politics, environment, and technology. What is the role of education on aforementioned aspects?Education is the part and parcel of one’s future. It makes man and literate person to earn a living. It is the power in oneself which explores other powers of our senses and provides wisdom to our living. The career is directly related to our moves in education. The nation is in requirement of future literate citizens who in turn shall make the things possible in time to come. The country’s economy hence forth needs a greater emphasis towards investment in education of its children. Nothing is possible without the literacy of the hour implemented via technology and to understand and explore technology one has to have the power of learning. Education is all about learning and developing your abilities to their full potential. It gives the knowledge and skill they require. One cannot say that they do not need any further education no matter how smart they are because the quality of education is always improving. With the standard of education getting higher, an organization’s demand for an individual’s level of education is also getting higher.LIN: Do you believe giving awards to teachers as motivator to more effective/efficient teaching? If so, why?As a National Teacher Awardee myself, I believe in recognition of the teachers as one of their life time achievements. The awards to the teachers give them the pride to work for them and the society in a better framework and above all it also gives a narration to the others to do their best. I feel recognition given as a mark of achievement will always be motivating. And by awarding the teachers, in a way one motivates them to perform better and feel appreciated for all the hard work he or she puts in, throughout her life to get the best out of someone else’s life.LIN: Have you heard about Global Teacher Prize? Sort of seeking for outstanding teachers around the world to qualify for a million dollar prize. What is your take on this? And if you were one of the judges how would you rate shortlisted teachers with outstanding qualities to get the most deserving among them? Would you rely on the given criteria or would you risk choosing a finalist over the rest through gut-feel?I have not heard about this earlier. It is certainly a great recognition to the teachers’ community globally. I believe the companies and other establishments must come together under Corporate Social Responsibility and join for the common cause towards the recognition to this community of TEACHERS who are the only blessed creatures after GOD to dwell a product which is a living being into another refined product as a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of the nation in particular. Well I checked on the criteria and I believe we would also add on to some more conclusions viz. PUBLICATIONS/ CLOUD PRESENCE/ COMMUNITY OUTREACH/ INNOVATIONS. Adaptation to change, ability to engage and inspire in students independent and original thinking and how does he or she handle children with different learning abilities can also be the add-ons in particular.LIN: The battlefield of education is not the classroom, but the hearts and minds and souls of learners… do you agree on this? Why?I do agree of this fact with the reputation to believe that we need to teach the hearts not the minds. For the fact is the children like the subject only when they like the teacher. It is such a fact that explores learning with heart and soul to replicate the fact of making the learning as a pride within classrooms a possibility. Teaching breathes like poetry. No two learners can interpret teaching the same, just as no two teachers can write same. It is like two humans sharing a space in mind and body by personal interaction and transfer to one another. Thus the battlefield of education is not the classrooms, but the hearts and minds and souls of the learners. It is how well you can connect for learning to happen.LIN: Would you be open to collaboration with other teachers out there so as to spread the wisdom of authentic learning or whatever you want to propagate in the global stage of enlightening the minds and hearts and souls of everyone, anywhere in the world?Certainly, as my great pleasure and honour too. I would be very happy to explore the opportunity to train other teachers over WEBINARS/ Skype virtual sessions. Knowledge grows by sharing. I would definitely be more than happy to share information, skills and expertise that I possess with the teachers and try to make whatever little difference I can.LIN: How would you do that? And if ever, would you like to co-author a book with anybody who is willing to explore possibilities?As I said, using the power of technology I would like to share my expertise in a big bang way. Yes I would be happy to co-author a book of subject of any taste and tribe. As an author of over 40 books, I do believe in share in that aspect too.LIN: Away from the limelight, who is Dr. Mehrotra?A learner for LIFE – Lost In Fight (For) Education!!! That is me, myself. I take pride in working towards Quality Literacy For All. Amen.LIN: Any piece of advice to teachers out there who are doing their jobs sans thinking of getting an award, but doing it for the Glory of God the Greatest Teacher of All?My advice to them is ” Remember to be on Learning Spree for I repeat: The more we learn, the more we earn, in terms of Honour, Respect and Pride!!!. Also let us all be IT Strong and not just IT Savvy for we believe in an age where Technology is the way of learning not just the pathway!! Cheers and May GOD bless us all.So there you go. To know more about Dr. Mehrotra’s passion, you may check out